Great Pool Cleaning Discount With Dentistry Services

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Imagine getting discounted pool services from simply visiting a dentist. A Scottsdale dentist has been enjoying an increased client base thanks to this great discount. The Scottsdale pool service is offering a 10% discount to anyone that visits the dentists. This is a great chance to enjoy some of the best services that Kool Pool Kare in Arizona has to offer, besides an awesome smile.

A clean pool will not come by chance. It is a combination of great repair and maintenance from experts. Kool Pool Kare has for a long time been providing pool services to the residents of Scottsdale and area. Some of the cleanest pools in the area are attributed to their excellence when it comes to delivering on their promise.pool service logo

The Scottsdale pool services provided include a weekly pool service for sparkling blue waters, filter cleaning and pump motor repair. You will also enjoy Green to Clean services for and thanks to the eco friendly services. They also offers acid washing, tile cleaning, resurfacing, cleaning pump repair and a complete installation of pools. A 10% discount on all these services after visiting the dentist is a sure money saver. Maintaining pools can be a headache. It is for this reason that many people end up enlisting the services of an untrained neighborhood kid to do the cleaning. The cleaning will of course not be professional by any standards.

The fact that your pool is a hefty investment means that you will need to do all you can to ensure that it lasts. This cannot happen when there is neglect. Neither can it happen when the service given is substandard. The best Scottsdale pool service offered by Kool Pool Kare will ensure that you enjoy your investment for the longest time. It will also improve the value of the home in case you have a resale in mind. This is a great way to enjoy great pool service and maintenance services at a discounted price by simply seeing the local dentist.

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