Dentist Partnering With Realtor | An Unlikely Match That Works

On these times, especially in some parts of the world, one must re-invent its own business and make use of the fantasy, even if it is a dentist by profession. It’s true, the financial crisis is affecting many sectors, including dentistry. But some people choose to embrace the dark side, obtaining professional improvements dentist Nealand saving their businesses. This is the story of Neal, a 33 years old professional dentist. With the advent of the financial crisis, Neal, despite being one of the best dentists in his area, suffered a professional collapse. This fact made him take a difficult choice: close the studio or invent a new strategy to save his job.

After a few days of reflection, Neal decided that the studio in which he was located at that time was too large and expensive, and needed something much smaller and less central to start saving on the cost of rent and other expenses.

Contacting a real estate agency in the city, Neal met an excellent realtor named Sam Ireland. The realtor, despite the financial crisis, could sell 10 to 15 homes each month with the highest profits, using real estate agent samfree condo buyer services. The only problem Sam had was advertising his listings of Edmonton condos for sale. This is the moment when Neal came up with an idea. Sam Ireland undoubtedly has the same customers target as the Dentist studio, since they work in the same area. Neal didn’t think twice and immediately suggested a deal to Sam. Convincing him that his listings of Edmonton condos for sale will be seen by many people, the real estate agent could only accept the agreement.

The idea was absolutely brilliant. Neal proposed a win-win combination. For each sale or rental made by Sam Ireland, Neal offered the new customers a 40% discount on the dental services. At the same time, Neal offered free dental services to the realtor together with a profit of 10% for the charges on his services and also free advertising of Edmonton condos for sale. For this agreement, Sam helped Neal find a suitable studio, free of any charge.

The system is working with great results for both parties. Neal benefits from the advertising by Sam, having new customers. In the same time, Sam Ireland earns his percentage from Neal’s sales. Besides, the real estate agent gets many more requests for his Edmonton condos for sale.

This is how an unlikely collaboration between a dentist and a realtor was born, and this is how the financial crisis generated new winning ideas. This story was inspiring for many other professionals with the same difficulties surmount the crisis. Around the world, many other dentists copied the idea, and they all have now growing businesses thanks to this wired match that is hard to imagine.

Kevin Murphy

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