Burning Used Dental Equipment

NCB-80Often times, medical specialists tend to use the wrong method to dispose used medical equipment, such as simply throwing it away. This is due to the fact that the equipment should be disposed in a method that they cannot be retrieved back thus ensuring that they cannot be reused. Burning has become one of the most used methods. However, there are different methods of burning to go for. In a case where a dental office was found burning used dentist equipment in an outdoor wood stove, there were a couple of risks that came along with the method. But however, just like in any other method, there are pros and cons that come hand in hand.

Considering the pros first that might have led to the choice of using an outdoor wood stove:

  • The method is considered to be safe. This comes as a result that entire unit is placed outside thus eliminating both smoke and fire hazards.
  • This method enhances clean building interiors. This is due to the fact that smoke, ash and soot are all eliminated without having any contact with the interior of the building.
  • Burning the used equipment eliminates cases of them being recycled as they cannot be retrieved after disposal. This prevents transmission of diseases from one patient to another
  • To an extent, using an outdoor wood stove cuts down the cost of disposing used dentist equipment. This is due to the fact that the cost of wood is quite minimal as compared to other fuels or methods of disposing the used equipment.

Despite the above stated pros, the following cons would have been experienced:

  • Environment pollution. Due to smoke emission, this will affect the environment. The level of hazard can be determined by the product being burned in the unit. In the case of used dental equipment, they should be safely disposed as they can cause health effects.
  • The fact that the equipment was used, the emissions could affect, not only to the people around the area where the unit is located, but the operator of the unit too.
  • Since the unit does not contain a thermostat, it simply meant that the heat could not have been regulated or kept at constant levels.
  • After burning, ash has to be disposed and if poorly done, it can pollute the environment.

Above all the pros and cons that could have been resulted by the office burning used dentist equipment by using an outdoor wood stove, it is always important to ensure that safety of the people around comes first. Mostly when it comes to burning used dentist equipment, it is important to ensure that there is no health hazard involved.

Kevin Murphy

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